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The grange aux dīmes (the tithe barn)

First, this building was nominated "Forcadas". It was probably rebuilt to do a covert market, in 12th century  the incipient gothic.

The Forcadas has belong to the Saint-Quiriace's canons who rent it to the shopkeepers coming to deal during the fairs of Champagne. When the fairs disappeared, the building was nominated "grange aux dīmes" because the canons stored there the natural taxes perceived from the inhabitants and their domains.


The "grange aux dīmes" is composed with three superimposed rooms.

One have access to the 1st floor by an external stair. This room is lighted thanks to windows "ą meneau" (with jambs) and  "ą bancs de pierre engagés" (made of stone indoor engaged bench).

The ground floor is a room cover with an ribbed-vault which recline on six pillars soberly decorated with foliages. The windows carry benches of stone. Facing the large entrance door in round-arch, a heavy trap door open on a massive made of stone staircase which leads to a low room or cave.  This underground room is arched edges carried by square pillars with capitals of identical form.
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