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Les salles souterraines (underground rooms)

The underground rooms are also called cellars or vaults.

These rooms, which their architecture reminds to religious buildings, are sometimes built on two levels. They are usually located under humble countryman houses or simple buildings  of farms built on place of disappeared buildings. The decoration of their capitals seems to indicate the 13th century , the prosperity age of Provins. 

Opulent town owning to its fairs which stretch out all the half of the year. Provins war a great economical and bank centre which attracted a lot of  shopkeepers from all around Europe and from East.

All these underground rooms were used to store and to shelter the harvestings, reaping, supply and wares. The rooms were also used to shelter the weavers, the drapers and the potters who could be more than 3000. These rooms could be also used as a shelter to the inhabitants and the population from surroundings during eventual hostile assaults.

These cellars are often the starting point of the underground galleries network.


Salle basse de la Grange aux Dīmes

Caveau du Saint Esprit


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