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The "Tour César" ("Caesar's Tower")

Built on the rocky outcrop which constitutes the "Ville-Haute", the current tower (called formerly, "Tower of the King", "Large Tower", "Turn with prisoners"...)  probably was built under the reign of "Henri le Liberal" (1152-1183). However, an older tower, existing in 1137, was named in the charter fixing the limits of the Champagne fairs.
This tower is built on an artificial mound and on the walls of the fortifications which was the keep. It was used as a jail, but its essential role was military: Two covered ways were used to the surveillance on the plain of Brie and surroundings.

It represents a square plan at its base, becoming octagonal at its middle height, flanked of four turrets being detached from the first covered way level.
The base of the building is wrapped by a heavy wall in stonework, added by the English after their seat in 1432, known under the scornful name of "Pâté aux Anglais".
The "Tour César" was surmounted by a terrace carrying a tower of surveillance and a covered way with battlements.

Inside, at the ground floor, a large arched room was used as warehouse for the supplies.
At the higher floor, another room with same dimensions but higher, called "salle des gardes" (room of the guards), was the centre of communication for all the tower.
From there, the stairs leave towards the low room, the room of the governor and the covered ways. The vault is perforated of a "hole for services", making it possible to communicate with the last covered way.
One reaches the dungeons by narrow corridors taken in the thickness of the walls where the prisoners were kept .

The tower was covered in 1554, and the installation of the bells, coming from the Saint Quiriace Church 's turn-bell-tower broken down in 1689.


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